About Us

I’m M. F. Faruqi, CEO of Mindbuilt Technology. I won’t waste your time with some corporate babbling, it’ll just be a friendly chat.

We basically started as a software development company Our first software “Mindbuilt Attendance & Project Tracker” (developed using MS Visual Studio) was launched in 2004. It was a flop and didn’t sell much. We then started working on another software “e-Collaboration Suite” based upon PHP/MySQL (around 2006.) We couldn’t complete it due to funds limitations (in Pakistan there’s no concept of venture capital or angel investors.) Those ventures flopped but at least they gave us an edge in web technologies. To sustain our operations we started taking custom website design, development and hosting clients and over time emerged as a boutique website development company offering complete website designing and hosting solutions. We offer design services through our sister company Mindbuild Design Studio (https://www.mindbuild.com) and Linux Cloud services through Mindbuilt Technology.

We got some early corporate clients. Over time their employees and requirements grew. As our client requirements and expectations grew the shared hosting model was no longer feasible. We had to migrate our infrastructure to high availability cloud. That transition began around a decade ago.

We now manage dedicated servers/Cloud VPSes catering to a wide variety of corporate clients.

So we’ve transitioned from a solely software development company to a website design/development/hosting company. In the journey we've accumulated years of experience in managing Linux Cloud.

Constructing and deploying Industrial-grade Email servers is our forte. In the first quarter of 2018 a decision was taken to document our Email server SOPs in the form of a course. As the work gradually progressed we came to realize that in order to successfully host an Email server a firm grasp on the basic concepts like Protocols, SSH, DNS, Reverse DNS, MX, SPF, DKIM, DMARC etc. is of utmost importance.

As we added those modules to the course it dawned upon us that including this information would make the course colossal, which may not be easily digestible for the majority of students. We also use PHP containerization and Nginx default caching for lightning fast websites. To securely accomplish this feat we use techniques not described anywhere on the Internet at the time of writing.

To incorporate all that info in just one course was not feasible. So the main Email server course got splitted into three courses: Setup Web Server, Advanced Nginx Caching Web Server and "Email Server Setup. Out of these three courses the first course is nearing completion. We are offering it at a discount price till it completes.

As we have teaching and IT expertise, we have amalgamated both these expertise in the courses we have designed. Our teaching expertise stems from my personal teaching experience just after completing the University in an International school as well as in an IT Institute.

So that's it for now.

Thank you for your time.


M F Faruqi
CEO Mindbuilt Technology