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Mindbuilt Technology has one of the Most Competent and Reliable Teams of Linux Professionals in the Industry

What We Do?

Scalable Web & Email Servers

From Hollywood to World Governments, Linux runs most of the World's Mission Critical Systems. It is the Platform of Choice to run Web Servers, Email Servers, Databases, Desktops and Embedded Systems.

Mindbuilt offers all levels of Linux support – from early stages of planning to multi-vendor application integration to finding bottlenecks, measure performance, and identify effective optimizations.

Our Services

Web Servers

  • System Design and Architecture.
  • Server Migrations and Installation.
  • DNS Consulting.
  • Nginx, PHP, MySQL Consultancy.
  • Security Reviews and Assessments.
  • SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) - Metrics/Monitoring/Alerts
  • Disaster Recovery Planning - RPO/RTO (Recovery Point Objective/Recovery Time Objective)

Email Servers

  • System Design and Architecture.
  • Server Migrations and Installation.
  • DNS Consulting.
  • Firewall Consulting.
  • Postfix Consulting.
  • Dovecot Consulting.
  • DMARC Consulting.
  • Anti Spam Consulting.
  • Storage Management Consulting.
  • Security Reviews and Assessments.


  • Cloud Infrastructure Management.
  • SaaS Consulting.
  • High Availability Services.
  • Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Cloud DevOps Consulting.
  • AWS Cloud (Amazon Web Services.)
  • Docker, Git, Kubernetes.
  • Linux Cluster.
  • Security Audits, Penetration Testing, Endpoint Detection & Response.

Our Supported Distros

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Our Happy Clients

PECT Private Limited

PECT (Professional Engineers Consortium for Technologies) is one of Pakistan’s leading Companies in the fields of Electrical, Mechanical and HVAC.

Client Since: 20+ Years.

CSS Pakistan

CSS (Capital Services System) Pakistan is one of Pakistan’s largest Suppliers of Counter Terrorism Arms & Equipment.

Client Since: 18+ Years.

YK Group

YK Group is a Conglomerate owned by the ex-President of Kashmir (Pakistan,) Honorable Sardar Muhammad Yaqub Khan.

Client Since: 15+ Years.

Pakistan Wildlife Foundation

Pakistan Wildlife Foundation is one of the Foremost Entities committed to the Research, Education and Conservation of Wildlife in Pakistan.

Client Since: 12+ Years.

We Excel Your Business

Server & Database Optimization

Our full stack expertise in tuning Linux servers and databases maximizes the end-to-end performance of your cloud servers and applications as well as reduce the server and cloud costs.

Our experts carry out detailed analysis of your current system configuration and report on areas for improvements. We perform custom performance tuning using both generic operating system as well as third-party tools.

We have Our Values

We Work Heart-to-Heart

When you become our client, you become a part of our family. We are at heart a small human centric business and put our relationships first than to gain new business.

In this era of remote communication we still prefer meeting face-to-face with our clients, gaining insights into their business needs and requirements and offer custom solutions. This is one of the reasons why we don't cater to clients outside of Islamabad. We also don't cater to any Govt. agencies due to the red tapes associated with their processes.


What they say

PECT Chairman - Tanveer A Siddiqui

Tanveer A Siddiqui

Chairman PECT (Pvt) Limited

Mindbuilt Technology hosts our mission critical and high availability servers, providing us with prompt support and timely resolution of any issues.

Their technicians are able to keep up with our ever-growing IT requirements.

They've been serving us for more than two decades and I look forward to having a successful association for more decades to come.

YKG MD - Sardar Fahad Yaqoob Khan

Sardar Fahad Yaqoob Khan

Managing Director YK Group

We have a great business relationship with Mindbuilt Technology. They believe in client success and have an array of tools and expertise to make that happen; from Website Design, to Hosting to Digital Marketing to SEO.

They truly care and understand life-time customer value and are willing to go an extra mile whenever required.

It is a distinct pleasure for me to recommend Mindbuilt Technology to any and all interested parties.